Window Openable Type


Sleek Openable Type

This mosquito net will look as same as like the window door,where the wooden door of the window will be opened outside from the wooden frame & our product will be opened inside. It is made up of first quality channel bars, which has been power-coated. The fibre ‘L’ like corners will be used for joining the channel bars in all four side corners. After bar has been made, the mesh will be cut as per the size and ribbed on all the four sides of the frame with a rubber spine, which will hold the mesh hardly. The unbreakable fibre hinges will be used for fixing the bar net on the window frame & the stoppers be used to lock the frame around the corners according to the necessity. Get quality insect meshes from royal fabrics on best prices. In this material, the fibre-glass or the SS can be placed according to the customers’ requirement.

The channel bars which we use are very strong and durable when comparing to the other dealers all over the city. It is also free from fire and easy washable since the frame has been attached and detached easily from the wooden bars. Incase of aluminium / uPVC windows, Wooden beadings will be fixed on four sides and the window frames will be attached on it. Window mosquito nets are availabel at multi colors


This type of frame slightly bigger than normal frame. Instead of plastic hinges we can use aluminium hinges and instead of plastic stopper we can use male and female magnetic strip be used to lock the frame. It gives extra grip and withstand windforce. Also we can use weather strip to inside and outside of the frame. The purpose of weather strip can cover the gape between frame and window. In this type, we mostly used black coated SS 304 for better look and long losting life.