Hook & Loop Mosquito Net

Hook & Loop Magnetic Mesh

Hook and Loop Magnetic Mosquito Net Chennai

Magnetic insect screen provide a solution to your mosquitoes & insects problem at home or at work. Its suitable to be install on your exiting windows, sliding or push-out type, to keeps bugs out but allow air to flow through thus improve ventilation.

Insect screens are held to the window frame using magnets, 1 magnetic strip on insect screen & another pasted on window frame with 3M adhesive tape.

The attracting magnets forms a seal around the window frame yet allows you to easily open / close your windows or remove the whole insect screen to wash.

Peel the screens off with the pull string at either corners at the bottom of insect screen to open/close window. Release the screen when you are done & the insect screen will snap back.


Mesh Sizes 18 x 16
Mesh Colors Gray, Black
Frame Size 20 mm thickness
Frame Colors Black, Brown, White
Velcro with magnetic net